Beginning in 2009, the Lynn University Library, working in conjunction with the Office of Academic Affairs, established an annual recognition of faculty members who published works during the past year, known as the Published Faculty Reception. To be eligible for inclusion, publications, including books, articles, papers and musical recordings, needed to be peer-reviewed or published by scholarly entities.

Over the years, the scope of eligibility for inclusion has expanded to also include posters, presentations, artwork, sound recordings, musical scores, performances, art exhibits, and more. With this broadened scope, the 2018-2019 academic year ushered in modified inclusion rules and a new name. Now known as the Academic and Creative Excellence Reception (or ACE Reception), publications and other creative works must be in the faculty or staff member’s discipline, must be published in the previous calendar year (January 1 – December 31) and can include:

  • Articles
  • Art Exhibits
  • Books or Book Chapters
  • Conference Presentations
  • Conference Proceedings
  • Editorials
  • Films
  • Graphic Novels
  • Journals
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Musical Scores
  • Musical Reviews
  • Performances
  • Poems
  • Poster Presentations
  • Sound Recordings
  • News Articles
  • Workshops

If you would like to submit a publication or creative work or have questions about what is eligible for inclusion, please contact Lea Iadarola.


Publications and Creative Works from 2016

How to Write an Accounting eBook, Conference Proceeding, James F. Downey


Perceptions of Human Trafficking in the U.S., Conference Proceeding, Erika Grodzki, Timea Varga, and Stefanie Powers

Minor Goods and Objective Theories of Well-Being, Article, Christopher M. Rice

Technology Invasion: Apps to Revolutionize the Diverse 21st Century Classroom. Time to Launch!, Conference Proceeding, Jennifer J. Lesh, Kelly Burlison, Carmen Ronnie, Marie Christin Lema, and Marie-Cecile Heinze


A Buffer Model Account of Behavioral and ERP Patterns in the Von Restorff Paradigm, Article, Siri-Maria Kamp, Melissa Lehman, Kenneth J. Malmberg, and Emanuel Donchin

A Buffer Model Account of Behavioral and ERP Patterns in the Von Restorff Paradigm, Article, Melissa Lehman, Siri-Maria Kamp, Kenneth J. Malmberg, and Emanuel Donchin

Amour and Love: On the Invention of the Concept of Cinema in Film, Conference Proceeding, Nava Dushi and Igor Rodin

Best Practices For Chairing a Dissertation in Practice. A Non-Traditional Format at the Doctoral Level, Presentation, Jennifer J. Lesh and Jennifer Burlison

Psychological Androgyny and Children's Mental Health: A New Look With New Measures, Article, Rachel E. Pauletti, Meenakshi Menon, Patrick J. Cooper, Christopher D. Aults, and David G. Perry

Adlerian Case Conceptualization and Pattern Recognition, Workshop, Len Sperry and Jonathan J. Sperry


Differential Language Use at the Highest Stages of Ego Development, Presentation, Rachel E. Pauletti and Kevin Lanning

Drumming and Music in Individual Psychology, Presentation, Jonathan J. Sperry and Andrew Baker

Knowledge Management and Challenges in Education, Erika Grodzki, Sharaf Rehman, and Clarinda Calma


Martha Washington, Chapter, Robert P. Watson


The Nazi Titanic: The Incredible Untold Story of a Doomed Ship in World War II, Robert P. Watson


The World War 2 Maritime Disaster that History Forgot, Article, Robert P. Watson


Marijuana Use Among College Students: Implications for Practice and Policy, Article, Frankie Santos Laanan and Marlena Ballard Coco


Adlerian Counseling Techniques: Advanced Understandings and Applications, Presentation, Richard E. Watts, John Sommers-Flanagan, and Jonathan J. Sperry

Assessment: Lost & Found in Translation, Presentation, Paul R. Gormley


Creating a Relationship With Your Hometown Major League Sports Teams: Internships, Tours, and Experiential Learning, Presentation, Denise Belafonte-Young

Europe Divided: European Relations Through the Prism of Constructivism in the Context of Europe's Refugee Crisis, Conference Proceeding, Timea Varga

Free Will and Gender, Presentation, Maria C. Serpas, Jorge A. Hernandez, Robert G. Riedel II, and Cassandra S. Korte

Individual Differences and Perceptions of Personal Care Products, Presentation, Sydney M. Trezza, Candace K. Sizer, Cassandra S. Korte, Robert G. Riedel II, and Bradley Trager

Magdalenian, Poem, Jeff Morgan

Self-recreation Through the Uncanny Encounter: Reading the Feminine Close-up in Cinema, Conference Proceeding, Nava Dushi and Igor Rodin


Teaching Students How to Tell Stories in the Multimedia Platform Age, Presentation, Denise Belafonte-Young


The Citizenship Project: Commitment to Community, Presentation, Sindee Kerker


Time & Space – Halloween in the Witch City, Presentation, Paul R. Gormley


Creating Outcomes that Matter, Presentation, Paul R. Gormley


Conservation Assessment of Lecythidaceae from Eastern Brazil, Article, Nathan P. Smith, Scott A. Mori, Wayne Law, and Michel Ribeiro


App, Cams, and Maps: Engaging Students Through Technology, Presentation, Sanne Unger and Carrie Simpson


Citizen Science: The Small World Initiative Improved Lecture Grades and California Critical Thinking Skills Test Scores of Nonscience Major Students at Florida Atlantic University, Article, Joseph P. Caruso, Natalie Israel, Kimberly Rowland, Matthew J. Lovelace, and Mary Jane Sauders

How to Incorporate Medically Related Research in Pre-Med Curriculum, Conference Proceeding, M. Khalique Ahmed


Athletics and Academics: Lynn University Division II Sports Production and Distribution Endeavor, Conference Proceeding, Denise Belafonte-Young

We Have An App For That: Infusing Technology in Teacher Education Courses, Presentation, Jennifer J. Lesh, Kelly Burlison, Carmen Ronnie, Anika Smith, and Nicky Gomez


The Tragedy of Becoming: Hegel in Cruz's Anna in the Tropics, Article, Stephen E. Aiello

Case Conceptualization: Mastering This Competency with Ease and Confidence, Len Sperry and Jonathan J. Sperry


Computational Ego Level: Large Data and New Methods Illuminate the Construct of Ego Development, Poster Presentation, Rachel E. Pauletti, Daniel C. Lopez, and Kevin Lanning

Criminalistics Lab Manual, Erika Doctor

Cultural Knowledge Gaps (Lacunas): Challenges in Cross-Cultural Advertising, Article, Erika Grodzki and Kinga Kowalewska

Digital Photography: A Visual Guide, Ellen Stern

Fundamentals of Trumpet Technique: Double Tonguing, Marc Reese


Hemingway and the Cuban Revolution: For Whom the Bell Tolls in the Sierra Maestra, Article, Jeff Morgan

Introduction to the Study of World Religions, Mark Luttio and Sophia Stone

iResearch: Social Science Research Methods Made Easy, Sanne Unger, Robert Watson, Cristina Lucier, and Patrick J. Cooper

Maid Service, Chapter, David Fleisher

Navigating Microsoft Office for the iPad Pro, Ronald Weissman


Student Activists' Affective Strategies During the 2010-2011 Siege of the University of Puerto Rico, Article, Alessandra Rosa

The Other Trumpet, Performance, Marc Reese and Lisa Leonard

Transitioning from High School to College: An Interactive Workbook to Enhance Students’ Executive Function Skills, Shara B. Goodreau

Well-Being and Animals, Chapter, Christopher M. Rice

Publications and Creative Works from 2015


Organic Chemistry: Fundamentals, Article, Mark Jackson


Organic Chemistry: Reactions, Article, Mark Jackson


Yoga Enhances Positive Psychological States in Young Adult Musicians, Article, Bethany Butzer, M. Khalique Ahmed, and Sat Bir S. Khalsa

Application of Vibrational Spectroscopy to the Determination of Viscosity and Aniline Value of Hexanol Blended Diesel, Article, M. Khalique Ahmed and Michelle Gonsalves


American First Ladies, Robert P. Watson


American Presidents, Robert P. Watson


Enabling vs. Empowering: Creating New Habits is Critical, Article, Melissa Knight


Mental Health and Mental Disorders: An Encyclopedia of Conditions, Treatments, and Well-Being, Len Sperry, Ali Cunningham Abbott, Melissa A. Mariani, Mindy Parsons, and Steven R. Vensel


Regulation of Dendrite Growth and Maintenance by Exocytosis, Article, Yun Peng, Jiae Lee, Kimberly Rowland, Yuhui Wen, Hope Hua, Nicole Carlson, Shweta Lavania, Jay Z. Parrish, and Michael D. Kim


Maximizing Benefits of Hybrid Courses, Presentation, Sanne Unger, Carrie Simpson, Shara B. Goodreau, and Darren Allen


Alcohol and Drug Use Among College Students Attending Public Four-Year Institutions: Implications for Practice and Policy, Poster Presentation, Marlena Ballard Coco and Frankie Santos Laanan


An Investigation on Institutional Holdings of Firms During the 2008 Financial Crisis, Article, Wei Feng, Bruce C. Payne, and Shirley Ye Sheng


Citizenship Project: Commitment to Community, Presentation, Anna Krift and Sindee Kerker

Co-Chair International Organization of Social Science and Behavioral Research 2015 Fall Conference, Conference Proceeding, Robert W. Reich

Competitive Advantage: The Relationship of Corporate Knowledge Officers to Return on Assets (ROE) of Publically Listed Companies, Conference Proceeding, Robert W. Reich, Joseph Ingles, and Therese Viscelli

International Organization of Social Science and Behavioral Research 2015 Fall Conference Proceedings, Article, Robert W. Reich and Randall Valentine


Manufacturing Location: Bigger vs Smaller Cities, Conference Proceeding, Farideh A. Farazmand, Ralph Norcio, and Yu-Te Tu

Partnerships in Caribbean Countries: Bringing Special Education Training to Developing Countries, Presentation, Jennifer J. Lesh and Amy Stevens

Solving the Unemployment Paradox, Conference Proceeding, Harika Rao


Vořišek: Complete Works for Piano, Vol. 1, Music Review, Roberta Rust

Assessing Oral Communication Across the Curriculum, Conference Proceeding, Stephanie Jackson


Changing Schools of Education and the EdD Programs to Produce Impactful Practitioners Lynn University, 2015 Past… Present… and Future, Presentation, Kathleen Weigel and Nancy C. Kline

Jumping Out of the Volcano and Into the Frying Pan of Immortality: A Response to Sills’ Empedocles to Sedaris, Presentation, Sophia A. Stone

Modern Presentation Improvisational Concepts, Conference Proceeding, Harry Murphy

New Trends in Media Consumption, Presentation, Denise Belafonte-Young, Gary Carlin, Erika Grodzki, Stefanie Powers, and Timea Varga

Redefining Safety: An Analysis of the Dangers of Cultural and International Safe-Havens in Genocidal States and Conflict Zones, Presentation, Antonella Regueiro

Technology Based Education: A Foe or Friend to Student Development?, Conference Proceeding, Harika Rao

The Perfect Joke, Presentation, Sophia A. Stone


Workers Can't Find Jobs, Jobs Can't Find Workers: Solving The Talent Paradox, Article, Harika Rao


American Comic Poetry: History, Techniques and Modern Masters, Jeff Morgan

The Medici Renaissance in Florence, Dawn Dubruiel

Adlerian Case Conceptualization, Presentation, Jonathan J. Sperry

Female Perpetrators of Genocide in Film, Presentation, Antonella Regueiro

Kant’s Theoretical Reasons for Belief in Things in Themselves, Presentation, Mark Pickering

Stock Market Reactions to Terrorist Events: A Deeper Analysis, Conference Proceeding, Robert W. Reich, James Kroger, and G. McVay

The Application of Supported Liquid Extraction in the Analysis of Benzodiazepines Using Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy, Article, Erika L. Doctor and Bruce McCord


Child Sex and Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia Reactivity as Moderators of the Relation Between Internalizing Symptoms and Aggression, Article, Christopher D. Aults, Patrick J. Cooper, Rachel E. Pauletti, Nancy Aaron Jones, and David G. Perry


Sex Differences in Preadolescents' Attachment Strategies: Products of Harsh Environments or of Gender Identity?, Article, Rachel E. Pauletti, Patrick J. Cooper, Christopher D. Aults, Ernest V.E. Hodges, and David G. Perry

Adlerian Case Conceptualization, Presentation, Jonathan J. Sperry

Constructing a Strategic Cross-Cultural Advertising Approach, Presentation, Erika Grodzki


Menahem Pressler/Paavo Järvi/Orchestre de Paris, Music Review, Roberta Rust

Soul as an Intermediate Object in Plato’s Phaedo, Presentation, Sophia A. Stone

Adlerian Therapy: Absence of Evidence is Not Evidence for Absence, Poster Presentation, Jonathan J. Sperry, K Watkins, Jennifer L. Mealey, and Monisha Holmes

Encouraging Clients to Consider Change: Incorporating Motivational Interviewing Strategies in Contemporary Adlerian Practice, Presentation, Jonathan J. Sperry and Ramona Grad

Transparency and Engagement: A Case Study of Lynn University’s Curricular Implementations, Conference Proceeding, Erika Grodzki and Stefanie Powers

Writing Effective Adlerian Case Conceptualizations, Workshop, Len Sperry and Jonathan J. Sperry

Executive Function Coaching: Assisting with Transitioning from Secondary to Postsecondary Education, Article, Shara B. Goudreau and Melissa Knight

Digital Evolution in Revolutionary Times, Conference Proceeding, Denise Belafonte-Young


Learning Leaders, Article, Kathleen Weigel and Richard D. Jones