Beginning in 2009, the Lynn University Library, working in conjunction with the Office of Academic Affairs, established an annual recognition of faculty members who published works during the past year, known as the Published Faculty Reception. To be eligible for inclusion, publications, including books, articles, and papers, needed to be peer-reviewed or published by scholarly entities.

Over the years, the scope of eligibility for inclusion has expanded to also include posters, presentations, artwork, sound recordings, musical scores, performances, art exhibits, and more. With this broadened scope, the 2018-2019 academic year ushered in modified inclusion rules and a new name. Now known as the Academic and Creative Excellence Reception (or ACE Reception), publications and other creative works must be published in the previous calendar year (January 1 – December 31) and can include:

  • Articles
  • Art Exhibits
  • Blog Entries
  • Books or Book Chapters
  • Conference Proceedings
  • Conference Sessions
  • Editorials
  • Films
  • Graphic Novels
  • Lectures
  • Musical Scores
  • Performances
  • Poems
  • Poster Presentations
  • Presentations
  • Reviews
  • Sound Recordings
  • News Articles
  • Videos
  • Webinars
  • Workshops

If you would like to submit a publication or creative work or have questions about what is eligible for inclusion, please contact Lea Iadarola.


Submissions from 2008


The Matrix Revisited: A Reconsideration of Schubert’s Sonata Form Movements, Article, Barbara R. Barry

The Real Mrs. Lincoln: The Nature and Extent of Scholarship on Mary Todd Lincoln, Article, Robert P. Watson, Dale Berger, and Richard M. Yon

The Relationship Between Victim Age and Gender Crossover Among Sex Offenders, Article, Jill S. Levenson, Jennifer Becker, and John W. Morin

Variations in the Recidivism of Treated and Non-treated Sexual Offenders in New Jersey: An Examination of Three Time Frames, Article, Jill S. Levenson and Kristen M. Zgoba

A New DEEL for an old problem: social justices at the core in leadership for social justice, Article, Valerie A. Storey

Blind Alleys: What Can You Do After You’ve Got the Maze Psyched Out and Somebody Comes in Out of Nowhere and Suggests That There is Another Game in Town?, Article, John Cipolla

Brahms: Sonatas, Op. 120, Sound Recording, Jon Manasse and Jon Nakamatsu


Evidence–Based Practices for Risk Assessment, Chapter, Jill S. Levenson


Exhibitionism: Assessment and Treatment, Chapter, Jill S. Levenson and John W. Morin


If You Build It and They Still Don’t Come: Effective Versus Successful Alternative Teacher Participation, Article, Cassandra L. Keller, Michael P. Brady, Mary Lou Duffy, James Forgan, and Debra Leach


Paper Tigers on the Prowl: Rumors, Violence and Agency in the Up-Country of Sri-Lanka, Article, Daniel Bass


Rhode Island's WPA Music Project and Its Orchestra, Chapter, Tsukasa Cherkaoui

The Family Business: The Pendergast Machine in Kansas City, Article, John Daily

The Marketing Mix and Branding: A Review of Consumer Product Marketing, Article, Robert D. Green

The Other Trumpet, Article, Marc Reese

The Regulation of Sports Agents, Chapter, Ted Curtis

The Role of Knowledge and Culture in Organizational Crises: Managing and Planning in “Interesting” Times, Article, John Cipolla and Mike Petroski

Values in Hospital Leadership: A Case Study of a Highly Performing Health System, Article, Malcolm O. Asadoorian III, Valerie A. Storey, Thomas E. Beeman, and Amanda P. Cartwright


Violin Concerto / Ernest Bloch ; Violin Concerto / Benjamin Lees, Sound Recording, Elmar Oliveira

Submissions from 2007


Sex Offender Residence Restrictions: Sensible Crime Policy or Flawed Logic?, Article, Jill S. Levenson, Kristen M. Zgoba, and Richard Tewksbury


All American Album, Sound Recording, Elmar Oliveira and Robert Koenig


Beethoven / Mendelssohn: Violin Concertos, Sound Recording, Elmar Oliveira


Ethnicity and Customer Satisfaction in the Financial Services Sector, Article, Jose Lopez, Laura Kozloski-Hart, and Alison Rampersad


Music by Nicolas Flagello, Sound Recording, Elmar Oliveira


Public Perceptions About Sex Offenders and Community Protection Policies, Article, Jill S. Levenson, Yolanda N. Brannon, Timothy Fortney, and Juanita Baker

Submissions from 2006


Factors Predicting Selection of Sexually Violent Predators for Civil Commitment, Article, Jill S. Levenson and John W. Morin

Effective Rehearsal Techniques, Article, Marc Reese

The Brass Quintet Setup, Article, Marc Reese


Prokofieff: Violin Sonata in F Minor, Violin Sonata in D Major, 5 Melodies, Sound Recording, Elmar Oliveira and Robert Koenig


Risk Assessment in Child Sexual Abuse Cases, Article, Jill S. Levenson and John W. Morin

Sonata in E-flat Major for Flute and Piano, Op. 120, No. 2 / Johannes Brahms, Musical Score, Jeffrery Khaner

Sonata in F minor for Flute and Piano, Op. 120, No. 1 / Johannes Brahms, Musical Score, Jeffrery Khaner

The Brass Player's Cookbook: Creative Recipes for a Successful Performance, Book, Kenneth Amis, Gregory Miller, and Marc Reese

Submissions from 2005


The Effect of Megan's Law on Sex Offender Reintegration, Article, Jill S. Levenson and Leo P. Cotter

Submissions from 2002

Salience, Knowledge, and the Public Good: Hierarchies of Interest and the Expansion of the Public Sphere, Conference Proceeding, Valeria Fabj and Matthew J. Sobnosky