The College of Communication and Design was known as The College of International Communication until October 19, 2017 when Lynn University officially assumed ownership of DMAC (Digital Media Arts College), and DMAC's programs were added to its College of International Communication to create the College of Communication and Design.

This series represents the scholarly publications, conference proceedings, presentations and more of the staff of The College of Communication and Design.


Submissions from 2017


2018 Communication Technology Update and Fundamentals: Automotive Telematics, Denise Belafonte-Young


Beyond the Associate’s Degree, Denise Belafonte-Young


Beyond the Associate’s Degree, Denise Belafonte-Young


Curriculum Swapshop: iPad and Faculty Multi-Touch iBook Initiatives, Denise Belafonte-Young


FastBreak: Recruiting, Training and Managing Student Crews. Lynn University Division II Sports Production, Denise Belafonte-Young


Partitioning Pedagogy -- What’s the Difference? Comparing & Contrasting Service Learning, Project-Based Learning and Community-Engaged Scholarship, Denise Belafonte-Young


Fostering Collaboration and Learning in Student-Run Organizations, Gary Carlin, Erika Grodzki, and Stefanie Powers


Assessing Trump's Use of Social Media in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, Erika Grodzki


Attracting Millennial Consumers in the Digital Age, Erika Grodzki, Andrew Burnstine, and Stefanie Powers

Communicating Through Institutional Change, Stephanie Jackson and Stefanie Powers


Gold Grille [Mixed media painting], Kip Miller

Submissions from 2016

Athletics and Academics: Lynn University Division II Sports Production and Distribution Endeavor, Denise Belafonte-Young

Challenges and Triumphs of Teaching Television Studio Production, Denise Belafonte-Young

Creating a Relationship With Your Hometown Major League Sports Teams: Internships, Tours, and Experiential Learning, Denise Belafonte-Young

Teaching Students How to Tell Stories in the Multimedia Platform Age, Denise Belafonte-Young

Amour and Love: On the Invention of the Concept of Cinema in Film, Nava Dushi and Igor Rodin

Self-recreation Through the Uncanny Encounter: Reading the Feminine Close-up in Cinema, Nava Dushi and Igor Rodin

Rhetoric, Ignorance and (Un)civil Communication, Valeria Fabj and Matthew J. Sobnosky

Cultural Knowledge Gaps (Lacunas): Challenges in Cross-Cultural Advertising, Erika Grodzki and Kinga Kowalewska

Knowledge Management and Challenges in Education, Erika Grodzki, Sharaf Rehman, and Clarinda Calma


Perceptions of Human Trafficking in the U.S., Erika Grodzki, Timea Varga, and Stefanie Powers

Symbolism and Social Media: Moving Students from the Person to the Professional, Stephanie Jackson, Erika Grodzki, Stefanie Powers, and Gary Carlin

Art Exhibit [Spray paint and mixed medium], Kip Miller

Art Exhibit [Photography], Ellen Stern

Submissions from 2015

Digital Evolution in Revolutionary Times, Denise Belafonte-Young

New Trends in Media Consumption, Denise Belafonte-Young, Gary Carlin, Erika Grodzki, Stefanie Powers, and Timea Varga


The Two Dollar Bill Documentary, John M. Bennardo

Ignorance, Lesbians and Medicine: Disturbing the Messages of Safer Sex, Valeria Fabj

Constructing a Strategic Cross-Cultural Advertising Approach, Erika Grodzki

The Importance of Media Literacy to an Undergraduate Education in Today’s Society, Erika Grodzki, Martin Phillips, Stefanie Powers, Timea Varga, and Gary Carlin

Transparency and Engagement: A Case Study of Lynn University’s Curricular Implementations, Erika Grodzki and Stefanie Powers

Assessing Oral Communication Across the Curriculum, Stephanie Jackson

Modern Presentation Improvisational Concepts, Harry Murphy

Submissions from 2014

Automotive Telematics, Denise Belafonte-Young

Beyond the Classroom: Running a Media Club, Field Experiences and Internship Opportunities!, Denise Belafonte-Young

Media as a Universal Language, Denise Belafonte-Young, Erika Grodzki, and Harry Murphy

Don’t Wait for Them to Come to You, You Can Go to Them: International Travel and Study Abroad, Denise Belafonte-Young and Patricia F. Sanders

Peer-Reviewed Assessment System for Faculty-Led Sports Productions: A Proposal, Denise Belafonte-Young and Rick Sykes

Program Chair - 6th International Conference on Language, Culture, and Politics, Kielce, Poland, Erika Grodzki

A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Advertising Strategies for Top-Selling Beers in America and Poland, Erika Grodzki and Kinga Kowalewska

The Need to Teach Communication Technology to All Undergraduates, Martin Phillips, Gary Carlin, Erika Grodzki, and Jennifer Whalen

Convention Chair. 2014 Florida Communication Association Convention: The Power of Culture and Communication, Stefanie Powers

Submissions from 2013

Curriculum Swap Shop, Denise Belafonte-Young

SOS: Save Our Studios!, Denise Belafonte-Young

Citizenship Education and its Impact on Communities, Carmeta Blake

New Media, Its Emergence and Impact on Society, Carmeta Blake

Reinventing Toy Brands for the Electronic Era, Gary Carlin


Women's Studies in Communication (Editor), Valeria Fabj

International Issues from Wars to Robots (Editor), Erika Grodzki


Review of A Strange Stirring: The Feminine Mystique and American Women at the Dawn Of The 1960s by Stephanie Coontz, Erika Grodzki

Hosting a Presidential Debate: One Year of Political Content and Coursework, Erika Grodzki, Denise Belafonte-Young, John Bennardo, Carmeta Blake, Harry Murphy, Stefanie Powers, and Timea Varga

Wait, Who is MY President? Connecting Identities through Hosting a U.S. Presidential Debate, Erika Grodzki, Stefanie Powers, and Timea Varga

Creating Product Oriented Assignments, Adam Simpson

The Global Impact of Interracial Media Content: A Catalyst or Barrier for Social Change?, Timea Varga

Submissions from 2012


Women's Studies in Communication (Editor), Valeria Fabj

Submissions from 2011

Israeli Cinema in a Global Context: Reclaiming a Minoritarian Status, Nava Dushi

Seeking the Local, Engaging the Global: Women and Religious Oppression in a Minor Film, Nava Dushi


Women's Studies in Communication (Editor), Valeria Fabj


Women's Studies in Communication (Editor), Valeria Fabj

Submissions from 2010

Lacuna Theory and Advertising: Polish Views of American Beer Commercials, Erika Grodzki and Magda Buchta

Language, Culture, and Politics, Erika Grodzki and Karyn Colombo

Submissions from 2009

Private Symbols as Vehicles for a Public Voice: "Women of the Fast" Reject the Mafia, Valeria Fabj

Making the Most of Your Fulbright Experience, Erika Grodzki