Submissions from 2017

Traditional Preparations of Kava (Piper methysticum) Inhibit the Growth of Human Colon Cancer Cells in Vitro, Wayne Law

Submissions from 2016

How to Incorporate Medically Related Research in Pre-Med Curriculum, Khalique Ahmed

Immediate Effects of Therapeutic Group Drumming on Affective States in Inpatient Substance Abusers, Patrick J. Cooper, Debra Ainbinder, and Jonathan Sperry

The Effects of a Romantic Relationship Treatment Option for Adults With Autism Spectrum Disorder, Alexandra Cunningham and Rachel E. Pauletti

Sharks, Crocodiles, Hurricanes and the Florida Detective, Thomas Ferstle

Assessment: Lost & Found in Translation, Paul Gormley

Creating Outcomes that Matter, Paul Gormley

Time & Space – Halloween in the Witch City, Paul Gormley

Perceptions of Human Trafficking in the U.S., Erika Grodzki, Timea Varga, and Stefanie Powers

Native Americans and Justice, Joseph H. Hall

The Citizenship Project: Commitment to Community, Sindee Kerker

Conservation Assessment of Lecythidaceae from Eastern Brazil, Wayne Law

Identifying Plant-Human Disease Associations in Biomedical Literature: A Case Study, Wayne Law

Submarine Groundwater Discharge as a Source of Nutrients to the North Pacific and Arctic Coastal Ocean, Alanna Lecher, Chia-Te Chien, and Adina Paytan

A Buffer Model Account of Behavioral and ERP Patterns in the Von Restorff Paradigm, Melissa Lehman, Siri-Maria Kamp, Kenneth J. Malmberg, and Emanuel Donchin

Psychological Androgyny and Children's Mental Health: A New Look With New Measures, Rachel E. Pauletti and Patrick J. Cooper

Free Will and Gender, Maria C. Serpas, Jorge A. Hernandez, Robert Riedel, and Cassandra Korte

Individual Differences and Perceptions of Personal Care Products, Sydney M. Trezza, Candace Sizer, Cassandra Korte, Robert Riedel, and Bradley Trager

Europe Divided: European Relations Through the Prism of Constructivism in the Context of Europe's Refugee Crisis, Timea Varga

The Social Construction of Ignorance: Framing Political Response in Europe’s Refugee Crisis, Timea Varga

Submissions from 2014

Minor Goods and Objective Theories of Well-Being, Christopher Rice

Elusive Objectivity of Humor Research, Sophia Stone

In Defense of the American Beer, Sophia Stone

Submissions from 2012

Application of Near-Infrared Spectroscopy to the Quality Assurance of Ethanol and Butanol Blended Gasoline, Khalique Ahmed

Critical Friends: Curricular Redesign and Implementation of a Small Independent University’s Doctoral and Undergraduate Programs, Katrina Carter-Tellison, Valerie A. Storey, and Priscilla Boerger

Submissions from 2011

Preventing Sexual Abuse: Community Protection Policies and Practice, Jill Levenson

The Prevalence and Correlates of Depression and Hopelessness among Sex Offenders Subject to Community Notification and Residence Restriction Legislation, Jill Levenson

First Ladies, and Their Influence on Politics, Policy, and the Presidency, Robert P. Watson


Public Memorials and American Life, Robert P. Watson

Submissions from 2010


Fourier Transform Infrared and Near-Infrared Spectroscopic Methods for the Detection of Toxic Diethylene Glycol (DEG) Contaminant in Glycerin Based Cough Syrup, Khalique Ahmed

Using Comic Book Superheroes to Develop Critical Thinking, Information Literacy, Speaking, and Writing Skills, Elaine M. Deering

Graham v. Florida: Review of Supreme Court Decision on Sentencing for Minors, Sindee Kerker

But I Didn't Do It! Ethical Treatment of Sex Offenders in Denial, Jill Levenson

Desistance and Attitudes Towards Sex Offenders: Facilitation or Hindrance?, JIll Levenson

Effects of South Carolina’s Sex Offender Registration and Notification Policy on Deterrence of Adult Sex Crimes, Jill Levenson

Residential Proximity to Schools and Daycares: An Empirical Analysis of Sex Offense Recidivism, Jill Levenson

Sex Offender Treatment is Not Punishment, Jill Levenson

The Effects of Sex Offender Registration and Notification on Judicial Decisions, Jill Levenson

Widening the Net: The Effects of Transitioning to the Adam Walsh Act’s Federally Mandated Sex Offender Classification System, Jill Levenson

Harmony, Jeff Morgan


Three Ways of Looking at Campbell McGrath’s “Ode to Bureaucrats”, Jeff Morgan

Submissions from 2009


Unique Spectral Features of DNA Infrared Bands of Some Microorganisms, Khalique Ahmed

Making Sense of the Census in Sri Lanka: Up-Country Tamils and Sri Lankan Tamil Nationalism, Daniel Bass


Curriculum Placement, Race, Class and Gender Differences in Wage Growth Amongst Non-College Workers: Evidence from the NELS 1988—2000 Data, Katrina Carter-Tellison

Short Steps Short Breaths, E=MC2, and Am I a Mind or Breath, Lizbeth Keiley

Review of Unified School District #1 v. Redding, Sindee Kerker

A Look in the Mirror: Sexual Abuse Professionals' Perceptions About Sex Offenders, Jill Levenson


Diagnostic Reliability and Sex Offender Civil Commitment Evaluations: A Reply to Wollert, Jill Levenson

Effects of South Carolina's sex offender registration and notification policy on adult recidivism, Jill Levenson

Examining the Impact of Sex Offender Residence Restrictions on Housing Availability, Jill Levenson

Failure to Register as a Sex Offender: Is it Associated with Recidivism?, Jill Levenson

How Safe are Trick or Treaters? An Analysis of Child Sex Crime Rates on Halloween, Jill Levenson

Perceptions of Sex Offenders About Treatment: Satisfaction and Engagement in Group Therapy, Jill Levenson

Sex Offender Polygraph Examination: An Evidence-based Management Tool for Social Workers, Jill Levenson

Sex Offender Residence Restrictions, Jill Levenson

Sex Offender Residence Restrictions and Community Re-entry, Jill Levenson

Sex Offender Treatment: Consumer Satisfaction and Engagement in Therapy, Jill Levenson


Stress Experiences of Family of Registered Sex Offenders, Jill Levenson

Treatment Experiences of Civilly Committed Sex Offenders: A Consumer Satisfaction Survey, Jill Levenson

Views of Sexual Abuse Professionals About Sex Offender Notification Policies, Jill Levenson

On Thomas Lux’s Poetry: Who’s Laughing and What Good Does the Laughing Do?, Jeff Morgan

The Architecture of Dreams and Spring Break, Jeff Morgan


Review of First Ladies and the Fourth Estate: Press Framing of Presidential Wives, Robert P. Watson

Submissions from 2008

Modeling Climate Feedbacks to Electricity Demand: The Case of China, Malcolm Asadoorian

Educational Leadership – Perceptions and Determinants of Moral and Ethical Behaviour, Malcolm Asadoorian and Valerie A. Storey

Values in Hospital Leadership: A Case Study of a Highly Performing Health System, Malcolm Asadoorian and Valerie A. Storey

Paper Tigers on the Prowl: Rumors, Violence and Agency in the Up-Country of Sri-Lanka, Daniel Bass

The Family Business: The Pendergast Machine in Kansas City, John Daily

Kennedy v. Louisiana: The United States Supreme Court Decision in Review, Sindee Kerker

Collateral Consequences of Sex Offender Residence Restrictions, Jill Levenson


Evidence–Based Practices for Risk Assessment, Jill Levenson

Sex Offense Recidivism, Risk Assessment, and the Adam Walsh Act, Jill Levenson

The Impact of Specialized Sex Offender Legislation on Community Re-entry, Jill Levenson

The Relationship Between Victim Age and Gender Crossover Among Sex Offenders, Jill Levenson

Variations in the Recidivism of Treated and Non-treated Sexual Offenders in New Jersey: An Examination of Three Time Frames, Jill Levenson


Exhibitionism: Assessment and Treatment, Jill Levenson and John W. Morin

Defining an American: South Florida authors in the fusion chamber, Jeff Morgan

Examination of Perceived Drinking Norms and Binge Drinking Attitudes in College, Robert Riedel and Debra Ainbinder

The Real Mrs. Lincoln: The Nature and Extent of Scholarship on Mary Todd Lincoln, Robert P. Watson

Submissions from 2007

Do Securely and Insecurely Attached Children Derive Well-Being from Different Forms of Gender Identity?, Rachel E. Pauletti and Patrick J. Cooper