Scholarly and Creative Responses to COVID-19 pandemic from the Lynn Community. Includes user-generated videos, blog posts, and more.




You, Me, and No One Else: Degree of Social Distancing and Personality Predict Psychological Wellness and Relationship Quality During the COVID-19 Pandemic (Pre-Print), Article, A Bell Cooper, Rachel E. Pauletti, and Chloe' A. DiDonato.


Five Reasons US Hotel Companies May Not Recover from COVID, Article, James F. Downey.


Jailed: COVID-19 Puts Correctional System Behind Bars, Article, Paul R. Gormley.


Navigating Two Pandemics: Racism/Inequity and COVID-19: Thoughts From a Former Special Education Teacher, Article, Jennifer J. Lesh.

Staying Safe Amidst COVID-19: The Relationship of Safety Climate and Behaviors with Organizational Commitment, Article, Amanda M. Main.


Individual Psychology During Times of the Coronavirus, Article, Jon Sperry and Len Sperry.



April 1st: Coronavirus Diary, Blog, Stacy Alesi



In the Middle, From Within, Paula Hyman

Conference Sessions


Effective Crisis Communication is the Key in Fighting Coronavirus, Conference Session, Khalique Ahmed.

Advertising Perceptions After the Onset of the COVID-19 Outbreak, Conference Session, Andrew Burnstine, Erika Grodzki, and Stefanie Powers.


Staying Academically Motivated During a Pandemic: Best Practices for Faculty to Encourage Students to Succeed, Conference Session, JeVaughn Jones and Ellen Ramsey.


I Have to Teach How? Preparing Science Teachers for the Post-Pandemic Classroom, Conference Session, Brittany E. Kiser.


Engaging Students through Webinars, Conference Session, Stefanie Powers and Gary Carlin.


Minimizing the Cultural Influences on Learning Outcomes in Higher Education Through Interventional Tools of Student Profiling and Gamification, Conference Session, Harika Rao (0000-0003-2947-6144).



Point of View: Until a COVID-19 Vaccine, Vitamin D Might Help, Opinion, Khalique Ahmed.


Surviving COVID-19 - and then some, Opinion, Robert P. Watson.

Poster Presentations


The Impact of Unplanned Remote Instruction on a CURE Paired with Cookbook-Style Laboratory Exercises, Poster Presentation, Erika L. Doctor (0000-0001-9674-8539), Melissa Lehman (0000-0001-7764-1058), and Cassandra S. Korte (0000-0002-2156-3975).



Reclaim the Runway: Rethinking How Fashion will be Presented in the Age of COVID-19, Presentation, Andrew Burnstine and Ariana Maher.

Awareness and Coping: Utilizing Social Media Platforms Effectively for College Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Presentation, Traya Johnson and Dani Lozzi


September 1st: Personal Anecdote Speech: Ava Aguilar, Video, Ava Aguilar

September 1st: Personal Anecdote Speech: Brianna Cirillo, Video, Brianna Cirillo

September 1st: Personal Anecdote Speech: Patricia Duong, Video, Patricia Duong

September 1st: Personal Anecdote Speech: Christopher Gregory, Video, Christopher Gregory

September 1st: Personal Anecdote Speech: Ana Maria Barcenas Lujan, Video, Ana Maria Barcenas Lujan

September 1st: Personal Anecdote Speech: Ava Margolis, Video, Ava Margolis

September 1st: Personal Anecdote Speech: Kayla Meltzer, Video, Kayla Meltzer

September 1st: Personal Anecdote Speech: Remy O'Hare, Video, Remy O'Hare

March 31st: Dr. Roberta Rust: Music in the Museum Performance - Clair de Lune, Video, Roberta Rust

March 31st: Dr. Roberta Rust: Music in the Museum Performance - Jardins sous la pluie, Video, Roberta Rust

September 1st: Personal Anecdote Speech: Olivia Simpson, Video, Olivia Simpson

July 16th: Dr. Robert Watson: Lessons from History - COVID-19, Video, Robert P. Watson