This is an archival collection of Digital Media Arts College (DMAC) Theses and Portfolios produced by DMAC students during their bachelors or masters degree programs. All content pre-dates October 2017, when Lynn University officially assumed ownership of DMAC.

Please contact the Lynn University Archives to access these theses or portfolios.


Theses/Portfolios from 2007

The Art Family: Educational Adventures, Nelli Levental

Cruentus, Stephen Vaughn

Siam Royale: Wine of Thailand, Saranya Wongsaroj

Uniko-9: The Posh Puppy Boutique & Spa, Aelee Lee

Magestalker: Vendetta, Adam Storm

Cooking with no Mess, Hilda Elena Thiel an

Flip Side of the Moon, Carlos Donoso

G-Shot, Tyson Terry

Benevolent Productions, Janna Knepper

Theses/Portfolios from 2006

Tomorrow, Brandon Webb

The Great Birdy Escape: a Computer Animation Thesis, Tiffany Huebner

The Final Struggle: a Computer Animation Thesis, Stephen P. Harvey

Bad Hair Day, Donel Tani

The Pursuit of Love, Gregory Baxter

Theses/Portfolios from 2003

Noises in the Basement, Carlos Fermin

Theses/Portfolios from 2002

Meerkats, Pauline Gallimard

Theses/Portfolios from 1900

Memory of Anubus, Janine Chenoweth