This is an archival collection of Digital Media Arts College (DMAC) Theses and Portfolios produced by DMAC students during their bachelors or masters degree programs. All content pre-dates October 2017, when Lynn University officially assumed ownership of DMAC.

Please contact the Lynn University Archives to access these theses or portfolios.


Theses/Portfolios from 2009

Fear of the Fairy, Nolan Fredell

Ahuramazda, William Goodwin

Infusium, Tristan Hall

Lighting and Texture Focus, Craig Keeney

Toward Z, Richard L. Lewis

How is it Made, Carlton Lowe

Memory Box, YaoYao Ma

Modeling Focus Reel, Steve Sompeis

The Antediluvian Project, Drew Caldwell

Heads, Michael Cartwright

Inspired Dream, Alexis Chacon

Bambu the Chosen Dragon, Alexander Costa

Nerves, Zack Dessau

Mirror, Mirror, Alex Digman

Operation Bat Glide, Anthony Forrest

Karma Police, Matthew Guerrero

The Duo, Evan Leef

Greed, Bryan Meyer

The Fault Knows Best, Nicholas Oliboni

Tales of the Slayer: Roommates, Mark Punsapy

Uragiru, Mick Reid

Perils, Candice Rose

Killer Koffee, Wessley Summers

Mirage, Arnold Takundwa

Fall from Grace, Uri Bloch

Hand of Midas, Michael Carter

Jungle Planet, Natale Cristofaro

Incusion, Vaughn Forman

A Distant Universe, RaeShouna Henley

Agent Monk, Pierre Henry

In Peace and War, Sherawn Jackson

The Snatching of a Baby, Joel D. John

BattleShip, Tommy Kientzy

City Skate, Cole Ramsdell

Circuit, Dennis Replogie

Extinction, Joel Rey

Backyard Blues, Brady Ritz

Divine Wind, Thomas Roadinger

Genesis, Kaelonne Serries

Sweet Dreams, Erika Shuler

Bio-Vial, Gabriel Strickland

A Heavenly Cage, Dan Tran

II Canto del Cigno, Jeffrey Yohn

Theses/Portfolios from 2008

Dinner Time Rush, Andrew Bennett

A Touch of Inspiration, Destinee Cleveland

Strong, Richard Dorismond

Up in Smoke, Shaina Flack

Fall from Grace, Rafn Gislason

Across the Night, Joseph Kiser

A New Beginning, Neil McLean

Don't Push Your Luck, Nicholas Ray

A Day for Music, Robert Stevens

Choice, Jean Zhang

It's a Bad Idea, Pamela Zurita

Oni, Nicholai Abdul

Bee Gone, Steve Alvarado

The Closet, Adam Beaver

Yojimbo, Ben Bonifacio

The Lock's Key, Gina Brown

Eginhard, Robert Campbell

Galeras, Jason Danner

Chai Life: Cookware for the Kosher Kitchen, Alexandria Blayre Harmon

Silver, Cassandra Jenkins

Silver, Cassandra Jeskins

Spydacore: The Underground Mass, William Jones

Sisyphean, John Lougee

Instant Karma, Cynthia Madrid

The Folly of the World, Rafael Ramos

Circuit, Dennis M. Replogle

Amaranthine: Life Within and Throughout, Jared Rodriguez

Made Simple, Ed Speyer

The Darkest Knight, James Tinnerella

Transcendence, Kyle Bernich

The Town of SinColor, John Byrnr

The Proposal, Drew Caldwell

Sacrifice, Alesha Causey

Tea Time, Sirah Chulakarangka

Seventh Cell, Patrick Couture

Sultan Café: Reinventing a Graphic Identity, Olga Christina Espinosa

Lurch Takes a Trip, Anthony H. Forrest

Encounter, Andrew Harris

Cyberon, Wayne Hollingsworth

The Forest Fairy, Tiffany Huebner

Seventh Cell, David Kamer

Oruga's Deceit: Terrorism in the Bush, Max Kreutzer

Mental Abduction, Kevin Martin

Fine Line Etched Design, Lynn K. Oreal

Seventh Cell, Kevin Saalwaechter

Rob Electrical Mishaps, Edwin Santiago

Sweet Cravings, Dean Schoenradt

The Boy and the Ship, Jorge Embid Sotillo

Dagger, Paul Sze

A Little Late, David Valenzi

Seventh Cell, Brandon Webb

Seventh Cell, Rachel Whelan

Little Wings, Crystal N. Wolf

KLONOS, Abraham Abdala

Escape from D.U.M.R Prison, Najum Anwar

Theses/Portfolios from 2007

Lash Mascara Pen, Chattip Assawawiriyakit

Vision International Digital Arts College, Dongdong Dai