This is an archival collection of Digital Media Arts College (DMAC) Theses and Portfolios produced by DMAC students during their bachelors or masters degree programs. All content pre-dates October 2017, when Lynn University officially assumed ownership of DMAC.

Please contact the Lynn University Archives to access these theses or portfolios.


Theses/Portfolios from 2011

Quest for the Raisin Bran, Jonathan Derby

Wallet, Helen Ticas

Comic Gal, Mark Archila

The Hook Design, Joe Benson

Sophus Lab, Jorge Cardona

Gamers, Daniel Havoutis

Potayto, Potahto, Potato Cuisine, Matthew Henry

Growing Up, Eric Loor

I am a College Student, Desaraye Martin

Gone, Michael Maye

Sticky Fingers, Diane Nguyen

The Negotiator, Joshua Prophet

Unknown Entity, Bryan Sawchyn

The Fall, Christina Sisler

A Silent Reflection, Nathan Springstead

Modeling Thesis Focus, Lorenzo Aguilar

Unknown, Micheal Brako

Animation Thesis Demo Reel, Marcus Davis

Model & Texturing Focus, Rae Echalico

Character Animator, Corey Foreman

Technical Artist, Ryan Gallagher

Character Animator, Steve LaCasse

CG Artist, Lisardo Liriano

Intrepid Creative, Marques Mazyck

Boxed Wine: A Thesis, Chris Rasch

Fluid Dynamyics, Mick Reid

Lighting & Texturing Focus, Sanon, Wills Sanon

Unknown, Neil Small Jr

The Button, Mark Archila

A Night to Riddle, Richard Defazio

The Last Hit, Andrew Elger

Another Day, Xavier George

Animation Focus, Mario Michel

Animation Focus, Louis Nickelson

Erratic, Eric Loor

Graduation Show Reel, Lee Marsland

Theses/Portfolios from 2010

Thesis II: Final Presentation, Abraham Abdala

Digital Lighting and Texturing, Derek J. Becker

Aggrandize, Tiffany Burnett

Thesis Presentation, Alexander Costa

Hagerman's Hill, Christina Duper Val

The Whiteboard: a Short Film, Logan Farmer

Lighting and Texturing, Adrian Ferrari

Treasure in the Bottle, Chris Fillmore

Thesis II: Obamanation, Josh Fleishauer

Concept Art Focus Thesis, Jessica Godby

Modeling Focus Thesis, Michele Herrera

FiTfabrics, Candia Hilbert

Modeling and Texturing, Trenton Hoffman

My Sister Tracey, Holly Howard

Glitch, Nora Keane

Tender Collections: A Greeting Card Company that is designed more for the nontraditional greeting, Danielle Mitchell

Web of Love, Neil Small

Lighting and Texturing, Jose F. Trimachi

Visual Affects Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Thesis, Jeffrey Yohn

Stigma, Nagihan Aydogdu

Renaissance, Issac Bratzel

The Chase, Bryan Evans

A Concept Art, Maceo Lewis Jr

A Concept Art Thesis, Christopher Perez

The Chase, Ana Pican

The Caralyst, Erin Reardon

A Concept Art Thesis, Frank Sherman

Erupt, Dixley Simms

Green Value, Kung-Yang Song

Inkognition & The Last Baiji, Paula Tin Nyo

The Creative Smarts Club, Jessica L. Williams

Ice: a Short Film, Michele Herrera

The Death of Lizzie Barlow: a Short Film, Kelli C. Petersen

Haunted: a Short Film, Jelissa Tycksen

Concept Art, Jamie Corcoran

Game On, Adrian Ferrari

Bouthy Hunter Wars, Seth Hammons

Haunted Statue, Ariel Machado

A Night in Denny's, Lee Marsland

The Moronic Burglar, Mario Michel

You're It, Jon Mueller

Ciro, Albert Robles

Chosen Soul, Michael Stegeman

Duel of Desires, David Timmons

The Green Gernade, Jonah E. Anderson

Hamman, Deniz Goksel

The Royally Tall Shoes: A Children's Illustrated Book, Sunshine Gorman

Candy Fix, Zachary N. Hartman

Visual Junction, Tyler Hedeen

Digital Lighting and Texturing, Brent Husk

Modeling Focus Thesis, Michael Jimmo

Esha, Mekeba Johnson

Modeling / Sculpting Focus: A Modeling, Nicholas Pettit

Le Posterie, Pia Lara Solomon

Modeling Focus, Alex Taylor

Thesis I, II, & III: Concept Art, Alondre R. Johnson

Theses/Portfolios from 2009

Modeling Thesis, David Abfall

Dadaism Plus Graffitti: A Magazine, Brendan Bachmann

Indian Students, Chaitree Basak

Catch that Train, Henry Brown Jr

Madame Sunshine, Tom Bylicky

Captain Planet, Michael Catt

Phresh Men, Latisha L L. Dubose

Feast on Fitness Website, Dana Elliot