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Poster Presentation

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Spring 4-19-2024

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AI Integration in education has been a controversial topic recently. Many professors are proponents of AI usage, while others are quite the opposite. My research aims to assess the differing student experiences in classes depending on the presence of AI in each class. I plan to complete a mixed-methods online survey using Qualtrics to target a diverse student body from each school of study at Lynn University. Utilizing both qualitative and quantitative methodologies, the survey will assess AI integration within the various colleges at Lynn University. My research aims to explore the varying academic experiences in classes utilizing AI, focusing on learning outcomes and satisfaction Thematic analysis will be used to analyze common data trends and themes across the population. We then can proceed to draw conclusions across the Colleges at Lynn and connect them to student satisfaction and learning outcomes. The end goal is to compile and analyze research, to help provide a superior academic experience through the reformation of educational strategy and policymaking surrounding the usage of AI in the classroom.


Lynn University


Lynn University Student Research Symposium


Poster Presentation: Technology category


Boca Raton, FL


College of Business and Management


Dr. David G. Wolf



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