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Spring 4-19-2024

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Aerobic exercise, in particular, has consistently demonstrated positive effects on short-term memory, attributed to increased cerebral blood flow, neurogenesis, and enhanced synaptic plasticity. The purpose of this research project is to evaluate that hypothesis in a cohort of college students between the ages of 18 and 25 by testing the participants short term memory capacity prior to exercising on a treadmill for a period of thirty (30) minutes and then re-testing the participants short term memory immediately after the exercise period. The short-term memory will be evaluated using the "Digit Span" memory test. Participants will be asked to perform the exercise at a minimum level of 60% of their maximum heart rate in order to associate the short-term memory score with a single acute exercise session. The inclusion criteria is as follows, being healthy, leading one of the three self-described life-style groups (Group A: sedentary with no engagement in any type of exercise for more than 30 minutes, three times per week for the past three months; Group B: active lifestyle with at least one session of exercise of at least 30 minutes once a week; Group C: either a student/athlete or student that engages in a weekly exercise routine of at least three sessions per week of at least 30 minutes per session), male or female, aged 18 to 25 years old. Statistical analysis (ANOVA) will be used to determine whether there is an effect on short term memory through exercise and to describe whether and how much improvement in short term memory post exercise can be seen in the three prospective groups.


Lynn University


Lynn University Student Research Symposium


Poster Presentation: Natural Science


Boca Raton, FL


College of Arts and Sciences



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