Generation Xl: The Effects of Childhood Obesity

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I did my research on the effects of childhood obesity on children as a whole. My thesis is children who are overweight or obese experience biases from educators, and peers within the school setting and society. This ridicule will affect them negatively in their continuous development of self. Throughout my research I found numerous graphs and data to support the effects obesity has on development into early adulthood and beyond. I also elaborated on the educational fitness component and stereotyped associated with gym class primarily the “fat kid” stereotype. From personal experience, this topic hit home to me which is why I decided to research the experts and see what data is out there. I also analyzed Ted talks on the fitness industry and how food is a drug, and sugar is addictive so people flood back to it. In addition, I researched the socio-economic factors that come into play on this subject. Many people do not have access to healthy sourced food, which then affects the child’s nutritional needs. Michelle Obama had started the “Let’s Move” campaign but it has since died out. We live in a hyper-body-focused society but the media’s opinions on fat have always been a heavy-lifting joke to most. I have written an established 15-page research essay on this topic, as well as a detailed presentation.


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