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The GIS Workbook provides students with the basic skills to become proficient in geographic information systems and to apply those skills to any career field. The book, which focuses on the ArcGIS Pro Platform, begins by outlining how to download, symbolize, and download data. Students learn to differentiate between vector and raster data, and the different tools that should be used with each type. Other key skills included are working with projections and using Excel files in ArcGIS. From there, topics advance to intermediate skills like using spatial analyst to perform analysis of environmental problems. Chapters become progressively more complex, demonstrating to readers how to perform spatial analysis in the ArcGIS Pro platform. By its conclusion, students will have gained experience with spatial interpolation and map algebra, editing and digitizing, and remote sensing. All these topics give the student the needed knowledge to apply GIS to real-world problems and to market those abilities in the job market. Course: ENV 420 Geographic Information Systems

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Fall 11-2023

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Lynn University Digital Press


Boca Raton, FL


College of Arts and Sciences


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Watson, A. (2023). The GIS Workbook. Lynn University Digital Press.

The GIS Workbook