Introductory Statistics (DQR 200)



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This text serves to introduce the student to the practical uses of statistics outside of the classroom. While the basic methods of statistical calculations are covered, the focus is solutions using Microsoft Excel®. In addition to the text, the book features narrated videos that walk the student through the steps needed to perform basic statistical functions. Each chapter ends with a self-testing section to enable the student to assess his/her understanding of the material. There is also a built-in game that is populated with a large number of statistical questions that are designed to improve the student’s understanding of the covered concepts. The text itself, in six chapters, covers the concepts the students will need to use statistics to address important basic needs in the business world. The text covers the following topics: Variables; Data and Sampling; Frequency Distributions and Graphs; Data Descriptions; Measures of Variation; Counting; Probability; Discrete Probability Distributions; and Continuous Probability Distribution. Course: DQR 200

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Former title: Dialogues of Quantitative Reasoning Level 200


This is the 2nd edition.


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Introductory Statistics (DQR 200)