January Term (or J-Term for short) - is a four-week semester when students pursue hands-on learning beyond the classroom.
  1. Citizenship: Enhance the community and make an impact on issues like homelessness, environmental sustainability and urban renewal. This should be taken by first year students.
  2. Language and culture: Learn the way of life, cuisine and language of other countries through interactive exploration. This should be taken by second year students.
  3. Career preparation: Build your resume, learn new interviewing skills, land an internship and get prepared for your future career. This should be taken by third or fourth year students.

The Citizenship Project, for first year students, emphasizes service learning beyond the classroom. It began in 2010 as Lynn's first learning initiative, or Quality Enhancement Program (QEP). It was so effective, it was embedded in Lynn's curriculum as a required January Term course for first-year students.


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