Delivery Hour

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Anthony's Delivery Hour usually runs like clockwork. Not tonight. His wife went into labor 20 minutes ago. His girlfriend is threatening to leave him if he doesn't meet up. A cocaine buy goes terribly wrong. And if the Nets tank in Game 7, so will Anthony's dream to move his family out of Red Hook Housing.

*Shot in real-time in 'One Continuous Take', DELIVERY HOUR is a non-stop adrenaline ride through the streets of South Brooklyn to a Manhattan Hospital.

Director: Benjamin Orifici

Cast: Christian Chase, Perri Yaniv, Tashan Muldrow, Diana Aru, Quatis Tarkington, Jeanna Lue, Delaney Smeal, Judith Anna di Donato, Nick Garofola.

Runtime: 1 hr. 8 mins

Genre: Drama, Cinema-Verite

Festivals (Official Selection): Art of Brooklyn Film Festival (2015), China International Film Exhibition (2015), Euro International Film Festival (2016)

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