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Encouraging collaborative learning and reflection among faculty using AI-powered tools can have a significant impact on the quality of teaching and learning in educational institutions. AI-powered tools can provide valuable insights and data that can help faculty members make informed decisions about their teaching practices and strategies. By using AI-generated insights to inform their reflective practice, faculty members can gain a better understanding of their students' learning needs and tailor their teaching strategies accordingly. This webinar will present several ways that AI-powered tools can be utilized to encourage collaborative learning reflection among faculty, including facilitating online discussions, providing personalized feedback, analyzing data, and creating virtual communities to connect and share resources. Strategies for promoting a culture of sharing best practices and ways that institutions can encourage teachers to participate in regular professional development sessions focused on using AI-powered tools and technologies will also be shared.

Intended audience: Faculty, Instructional Support, Training Professionals, Administrators, Design Thinkers

Key takeaways: By attending this session, attendees will be able to:

  • Learn best practices for using AI-powered tools to enhance teaching strategies and student learning
  • Engage in reflective practice by examining their own teaching methods using AI-generated insights and data
  • Become part of a community focused on continuously improving teaching practices through ongoing reflection and knowledge sharing around AI
  • Discover specific ways they can implement AI tools to encourage active learning and personalized education in their classrooms


Online Learning Consortium (OLC) Accelerate Conference


College of Business and Management


**This webinar is part of the OLC Accelerate 2023 Best-in-Track webinar series**

JeVaughn Lancaster, instructional design manager, and Ellen Ramsey, associate professor in the College of Business and Management, presented Design Thinking with AI: for Online Instruction in Higher Education, which won them the "Best in Track" honor for technology and future trends at the OLC Accelerate 2023 conference.

Lancaster and Ramsey presented to 358 attendees, building on their previous talks by incorporating live demos of AI-powered tools. These tools can enhance teaching strategies, promote active learning and personalize education. They empowered attendees to reimagine education through human-AI collaboration.

Ramsey Lancaster AC23 Design Thinking with AI.pptx (6436 kB)
Design Thinking with AI in Online Education (PowerPoint)



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