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International Management


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OBJECTIVES: This research examines the question "Why Invest in the Venezuelan Petroleum and Petrochemical Industries in 1996?" It has been prepared for the assistance of investors interested in participating with or assisting Petroleos de Venezuela in the creation of opportunities for expansion, both domestically and internationally, for the Venezuelan petroleum industry.

METHODS: A literature review on "Why Invest in the Venezuelan Petroleum and Petrochemical Industries in 1996?" is done to cover Venezuela's vast petroleum and mineral resources, recent actions by the government to eliminate restrictions on and promoting foreign investments, and the bidding process (1995 - 1996). There will also be an interview conducted with a Venezuelan Petroleum Official to discuss the most frequently asked questions about investing in Venezuela.

RESULTS: Because the process of making any investment decision normally generates a number of questions, the interview will determine some useful answers to some of the questions that investors have raised concerning opportunities in Venezuela.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Recommendations are considered on both the literature review and the interview. This research has been written to give an overview of the investment climate in Venezuela. Making decisions about foreign operations is complex and requires an intimate knowledge of a country's commercial climate. If a firm or a company is planning to do business in Venezuela, they are advise to obtain the most current information.



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