Graduate Student Dissertations, Theses, Capstones, and Portfolios

Date of Award

Summer 8-13-2020

Document Type


Granting Institution

Lynn University

Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EDD)

Degree Program

Educational Leadership


College of Education

First Advisor

Kathleen Weigel

Second Advisor

Jennifer Lesh

Third Advisor

Kelly Burlison


Among the many challenges educational leaders are facing, teacher attrition is most paramount. Not only are teachers with less than five years of experience leaving the field at alarming rates, but the number of teachers with twenty or more years of experience has also decreased by 10% since 2000. Teachers who leave the field often site a lack of support as their primary source of frustration. While school districts across the nation have made efforts to address teacher attrition, induction programs are often managed at the district level and completed solely out of compliance.

After reviewing the literature on teacher retention, attrition, and induction programs, the researchers developed a Unlike most new teacher programs, the website offers support at the school level. Components include Professional Development, Teacher Resources, and Exceptional Education. Most importantly, the website's goal is to offer specific support to new teachers.

Educators were recruited and asked to peruse the various components of the After reviewing the website, participants were then asked to evaluate its effectiveness by completing a brief survey, comprised of demographic, Likert Scale, and open-ended questions. Participants responded favorably (agree or strongly agree) to 88.9% of the Likert Scale questions. The survey results lead the researchers to conclude a resource such as can be utilized by a school or school district to help lower teacher attrition.



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