This is a collection of faculty-submitted examples of outstanding academic work by the students in the Conservatory of Music.


Submissions from 2022


Precursor of Paganini: The Solo Violin Caprices of Pietro Antonio Locatelli, Research Paper, Amelia Dixon

Submissions from 2021


Cryptocurrency as a Positive Force of Change in the Classical Music Industry, Research Paper, Ava Figliuzzi

Beethoven's Humor in Piano Sonata 16, Op. 31 no. 1, Video, Janna Peña

Submissions from 2020


“A Local! A Monster!”: Harmful Tropes of Indigeneity in Thomas Adès’s The Tempest, Research Paper, Rosie Rogers


The Pianist versus the Smart Piano, Research Paper, Janna Peña

Submissions from 2019


The Aulos and Tibia: Variation Across the Ancient Mediterranean’s Principal Woodwind, Course Assignment, Gerhardt W. Arosemena-Ott