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The 1968 cast of "The Boyfriend," which was the first musical produced in the school's history. The musical was performed from February 21-23, 1968 and, in addition to the Marymount College Choral and Drama students, the musical included drama and music students from neighbors St. Andrews and FAU.

CAST: Polly Browne, Nancy Yaeger; Tony Brockhurst, Ken Calhoun; Madame Dubonnet, Dottie Wells; Percival Browne, Robert Langford; Bobby Van Heusen, Oscar Giraud, Maisie, Betty Mullin; Dulcie, Johny Frisbee; Lady Brockhurst, Sue Storke; Lor Brockhurst, Frank Neubauer; Hortense, Anita Beran. CHORUS: Chris Bloechinger, Dolores Curry, Nicki Willis, Cheryl Merritt, Jim BeMann, Jim Curtis, Doug Rowland, Bill Baker.


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