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In-depth interviews were conducted in January 2022 with 14 international travelers (7 male and 7 female) who have traveled to the United States of America during the first two years of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our main objective was to identify why these international travelers get fake COVID-19 test documentation to enter the United States of America. The results of the study discovered that the participants in the study used fake COVID-19 test documentation for various reasons. These are: 1) lack of time to take the test, 2) not wanting to pay for the test, 3) laziness to get tested, 4) lack of availability of testing centers in the countries they travel from. The research also shows that most of the people who have been interviewed are aware of health and legal risks that could be caused by falsifying a COVID-19 test certificate. We discuss limitations to the study and possible solutions to implement similar research in the future. As well, have been discussed possible solutions to mitigate and reduce this malpractice.


Lynn University


Lynn University Student Research Symposium


Research Paper


Winner - Undergraduate


Boca Raton, FL


College of Arts and Sciences


Dr. Sanne Unger


Nicole Anglarill & Giovanni Guaschino were the co-winners of the 2022 Student Research Award in the Undergraduate category. Nominated by Dr. Sanne Unger.



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