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The marijuana plant has been integrated for thousands of years into societies for medical or religious purposes. However, in today’s US society there are reservations and stigma surrounding this plant. The hypothesis for this study is states where marijuana consumption is not legal will have higher crime rates compared to states where marijuana is legal for medical or recreational use. For this study, states were categorized by the legalization status of marijuana (not legal, recreational, and medical only). The violent crime rate of states were grouped by the legalization status of marijuana. Then this data was analyzed by ANOVA to determine if there was a significant difference in crime rates across the legalization statuses. This p-value was 0.74 indicating that there is no significant difference in crime rates between the different groupings. This rejects this study’s hypothesis as the legalization of marijuana has no statistical effect on crime rates in the US. This shows that the scare tactics about how marijuana will have a negative impact on society is disproven.


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