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Unfortunately, there are huge problems surrounding LGBTQ+ rights for students, such as religious fear, bullying, and children not feeling safe in their school’s bathrooms. Not only on an in-school scale but on a political scale also affects children’s lives behind the scenes. Laws like the don’t say gay bill makes it harder for students to learn acceptance and to be taught that everyone is valued. On top of the don’t say gay bill, there is already very little help offered for students in this community. This topic is crucial for many reasons. Those reasons, including the amount of LGBTQ+ individuals there are, the fact that they are more at risk, the lack of LGBTQ+ education, and bullying, are just a few reasons. When schools do not value and support LGBTQ+ students, that causes hostile environments. When schools allow or excuse hostile environments, that can affect them mentally and their student performance.


Lynn University


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