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This project aims to empower young girls and women who have never been told, “you can do it too.” In order to fight gender disparity in the workforce, I have created a book that collects various biographies of successful women in STEM. The book is entirely in Spanish, as my goal is to reach young girls and women, specifically from Hispanic countries in North, Central, South America, and the Caribbean. In these countries, girls are advised against going into STEM fields because they are professions ‘for the men.’ With this book, I wish to break that cycle and empower these girls, letting them know that they, too, can be part of the conversations taking place, that their voices are equally as significant, and that they can create tremendous impact. Throughout history, women have exceeded all expectations imposed on them, even when often told otherwise. I want to ensure girls know they have role models from whom they can take inspiration and see the similarities in the struggles surpassed. The book has a story of a successful woman from each Hispanic country in the region mentioned above; however, it is not finished yet. I want to have a story for each stem field, politics, and activism. All the fields mentioned above are male-dominated, but with continuous work, I hope to aid young girls and women to find the strength to go beyond expectations and follow whatever their dreams and ambitions are, knowing that as their predecessors, they will succeed.


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Dr. Robert Watson



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