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Fire model systems hold great value in helping figure out what happened during a fire, how a fire could have been prevented, or how a hypothetical fire would behave. This is important in both reconstructing a fire and preventing fires in buildings. Spreadsheet models calculate mathematical solutions for inputted conditions including the type of material ignited. This study examines the Fire Dynamics Tools (FDTs) (Stroup et al., 2013) spreadsheet model (Chapter 13) that tests the minimum heat release rate (HRR) within compartments for flashover. Flashover is the most dangerous phase of a fire in which surfaces exposed to thermal radiation read ignition temperature. The smaller the HRR, the faster flashover will occur. This model determines how quickly flashover will occur in different settings. Using this model, it was hypothesized that flashover would occur faster in a smaller compartment made of brick than one made of concrete. To test this hypothesis, the width of the compartment was changer between 1-40m, keeping the rest of the parameters of the compartment constant. This was repeated for both brick and concrete. The model has three methods of calculation providing varying output values. It was found that for both rooms of brick and concrete, the larger the width the slower flashover occurs with a room made of brick reaching flashover faster. Additionally, one method, Babrauskas, did not show any change in HRR when the width of the compartment was changed, demonstrating a limit to this model.


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