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In depth interviews were conducted in 2023 with 20 students (10 males and 10 females), at a private university campus located in Boca Raton. Our primary goal was to identify what motivates students to continue committing driving infractions despite the risks of injury, suspension, arrests or criminal records. We discovered that these students frame driving infractions as habitual and moderate. Specifically, these students explain their habits through the use of six recurring arguments: 1) all things in moderation (stop sign confidence, texting & driving confidence, not wearing seatbelts in Ubers, 2) habits (speeding unawareness and speeding to get places, and lastly (3) citations. We discuss limitations to our study and conclude by suggesting five strategies (education, incentives for rule following, driving school, GPS help and dash cams) for prevention researchers that would directly target these arguments.


Lynn University


Boca Raton, FL


College of Arts and Sciences


DBRG 400A: Deviance on our Doorstep


Sanne Unger


This research paper was submitted to the 2023 Student Research Symposium by Dr. Sanne Unger.



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