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  • October 2021 [Fall Week 3]: They're Back and Ready to Win; A Hidden Gem in Boca Raton; Transitioning to Fall on Campus; It's Star Trek Day!' Are Smaller iPhones the Next Big Thing; Growing Up Immersed in Culture; The Biggest Week in Fashion; The Perks of a Multifaceted Student; Welcoming Chloe McCoy
  • October 2021 [Fall Week 4]: Carlos Avendaño is the Conductor of His Own Path; A Hidden Gem in Boca Raton; Calling All Açai Bowl Fanatics; Dune is Coming; Is Amazon Taking Its Technology to Concerts?; Writing Her Way to Success; Celebrities Care About Sustainability; The NFL's Most Surprising Star; A New Face at Lynn
  • October 2021 [Fall Week 5]: A New Location For New Students; 2021 Lynn Concerto Competition Winners Announced; Top 5 Best Fashion Influencers; Delicious Boca Bites; Fan Conventions in Full Swing; Apple's New Feature for Mental Health; More Time and More Opportunities; Playlist of Champions; Seattle's Superhuman; 13 Minutes
  • October 2021 [Fall Week 6]: Hidden Gems of Boca Raton; Flagging Down a New Experience; Lynn Creates Impact for the United Nations SDG Action Week; Animal Testing; Rocky IV: Rematch; College of Communication and Design Announces Plans for NFT Museum; Conservatory Presents In-Person/General Public Guest Artist Recital on Nov. 6; Making a Difference and Inspiring Others; Person on the Street: A Shout-Out to a Teammate; Can the Cats Finally Claw to the Top?; An Olympian Among Us

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Fall 10-2021


Lynn University


Boca Raton, FL





iPulse: October 2021



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