New Media: Trump or Triumph

New Media: Trump or Triumph



Explores the dynamics that traditional media, as we have known it historically, may be challenged by the exponential development of communication media technologies which have directly contributed to the phenomenon of 'new media.' The chapters encourage conversation about early development of traditional media, such as newspapers, radio, and television, as well as the thought-provoking idea of whether traditional media will succeed against the backdrop of ever-evolving new media. At the same time, it describes the tremendous convergence taking place that may make some feel that traditional media will not succumb but will prevail, even as 'new media' does trump in certain circumstances when it comes to some instantaneous events in local and world news. Additionally, the iBook gives practical examples of how this phenomenon of new media is being played out in mass. Courses: COM 305 & 336

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Blake, C. (2015). New media: Trump or triumph? Lynn University Digital Press.

New Media: Trump or Triumph