Navigating Microsoft Office for the iPad Pro



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The information in Navigating Microsoft Office for the iPad Pro will enable students to use their iPad Pro to complete assignments using the apps in Microsoft Office and Office 365. Using a written explanation supplemented by detailed, instructional videos and interactive components, the workbook guides learners through setting up OneDrive with folders that will enable them to complete, submit, and file assignments for all of their courses, providing an understanding of how the capacity of OneDrive will enable them to maintain documentation on each of their courses for the entirety of their learning experience at Lynn University. The text discusses best practices for working with three stalwarts of the Microsoft Office suite on the iPad Pro: Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. In addition to learning how to create folders for coursework, students will learn how to store notes and other information making them easy to access and share.

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Lynn University Digital Press


Boca Raton, FL


College of Arts and Sciences


This is the Supplemental textbook for the Dialogues of Scientific Literacy.


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Weissman, R. (2016). Navigating Microsoft Office for the iPad Pro. Lynn University Digital Press.

Navigating Microsoft Office for the iPad Pro