Introduction to Criminal Justice


Introduction to Criminal Justice



This iBook, replete with innovative learning tools, explores the three components of the American criminal justice system: police, courts, and corrections. Divided into ten chapters, the highly interactive text discusses a wide range of topics. Subjects like what constitutes a crime, constitutional rights, contemporary lawn enforcement issue, administration of justice, the court system, and various forms of corrections: jails, prisons, intermediate sanctions, and the juvenile justice system are explored. Recurring components of the iBook include: introductory high-profile media cases which, YouTube videos detailing various criminal justice career options (over 20), a Fact vs. Fiction section highlighting common myths and misperceptions about the criminal justice system, a Did You Know section, a summary appears at the end of each chapter, along with key terms, homework questions and Field Web Trip exercises. Course: CRJ 101

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Kerker, S. (2015). Introduction to criminal justice. Boca Raton, FL: Lynn University Digital Press.

Introduction to Criminal Justice