2021 GenZ Story Expression Projects: Allan Hall



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Every spring, Lynn University holds the Nuremberg Trials class and the GenZ Story Expression Workshop—which culminate in an event that has been treasured by students and the Boca Raton community for more than a decade. Both provide special opportunities for students to explore history with the people who survived it.

In 2013, Lynn partnered with NEXT GENERATIONS, a Boca Raton-based organization that strives to preserve the legacy of those who perished and honor those who survived the Holocaust, to expand the class to the GenZ Story Expression Workshop.

As part of the workshop, students hear from a survivor firsthand. Later, they create a story expression project through creative mediums such as art, poetry, music, film, theater, technology, blogs or social media. The purpose is for students to express what they have heard in a way to reach out to others who have not heard the survivor’s story and may not be familiar with the horrors of the Holocaust.

Due to Covid-19 safety concerns, this year’s workshop was held on Zoom. Final projects are typically displayed at the Project Nuremberg Lawyers Luncheon at Temple Beth El in Boca Raton and at Lynn’s annual Celebration of the Arts. Since those events were cancelled, this iBook was created as a tribute to the Holocaust survivor.

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2021 GenZ Story Expression Projects: Allan Hall