A Triadic Worldview? The Misconception and Bias of Universality in Knowles’ Andragogy

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Conference Session

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There is an ongoing debate about the omission of specific learners in modern learning theories. Most learning theories are derived from particular theoretical works by the dominant culture. The paper argues that despite criticisms and shortcomings of Knowles’ Andragogy Theory, the framework is left to the instructor to adapt. The instructor needs to adjust andragogy for the “other” learners excluded from the original study based on their socio-cultural background and other dynamics. Andragogy is a permanent model for understanding specific aspects of adult learning. The paper will define Andragogy, discuss assumptions, provide a multi-faceted review of a triadic culture worldview, a brief literature review, and examine praises and criticism for Andragogy. The session will end with recommendations, and further inquiries are administered to learners of sociocultural backgrounds to decolonize andragogy.


American Association for Adult and Continuing Education (AAACE) Annual Conference


Miramar Beach, FL



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