Introduction to Individual Psychology

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Alfred Adler articulated a holistic approach for understanding human behavior. His theory, Individual Psychology, was quite different than Sigmund Freud’s because Adler would draw on clients’ inner strengths and resources to create movement towards positive outcomes. Adler believed that “clients are both the art and the artist of their lives.” Adler’s perspective is optimistic and focuses on goals, assets, strengths, and health rather than on liabilities, deficits, and pathology. Even further, this theory conceptualizes individuals in their social environment and emphasizes belonging and social equality. This workshop will include an overview of Individual Psychology and will discuss how Adler’s ideas laid the foundational framework for Positive Discipline and our vision — a world where everyone feels a sense of belonging and significance with dignity and respect for all.

Join Dr. Sperry to deepen your understanding of Adler and the theoretical framework on which your Positive Discipline work is based.


Positive Discipline Association


Atlanta, GA


College of Arts and Sciences


Two-hour webinar given for Positive Discipline Association. Sperry spoke about Adlerian Psychology to 175 participants in 44 countries as part of the ongoing speaker series. The talk was simultaneously translated in Spanish, Arabic, French and Portuguese.

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