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Retrieval practice is a well-researched cognitive strategy for improving memory for target information. A substantial amount of empirical research from several decades shows that retrieval practice has a positive effect on long-term retention of information. The current study aims to assess the effects of review activities using retrieval practice on long-term retention of course materials, and to examine their effect on test anxiety. Although some research has examined the impact of retrieval practice in course settings, there have been few controlled experiments and little research looking at the impacts on test anxiety. A multi-session exam review activity will be administered to participants taking a Cognitive Psychology course. Course content will be reviewed using a retrieval task and a restudying task. We hypothesize that participants will retain more information learned during the retrieval task than the restudying task, and engaging in these tasks may also reduce test anxiety. This study will use a within-subjects experimental design in addition to survey questions to assess those effects. Data collection is currently in progress.


Florida Undergraduate Research Conference (FURC)


Tallahassee, FL


College of Arts and Sciences


The 2021 Florida Undergraduate Research Conference (FURC) was virtual.



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