Publication Title

φ (Phi): A Full 3D Recreation of Lynn University's Snyder Sanctuary

Document Type

Art Exhibit

Publication Date

Spring 2020


φ (Phi) is a full 3d recreation of the Snyder Sanctuary. It was created as a personal exercise to explore the limitations of the Maya Arnold rendering system as well as a project to further explore the Arnold aiStandard shader parameters and the renderer’s Global illumination behavior. The project took about 5 weeks to complete. The Process started by taking approximately 377 photo references of various angles of the sanctuary. Once these images where captured, they were categorized and used as references for modeling, lighting and texturing inside Maya. The 3d structure was modeled manually through traditional polygon-extrude methods, once completed, all assets where Uv laid out for texturing and foliage population. The 3d project contains a total of 24’758.304 faces and a fully procedural natural lighting setup. The final render is 12.000 by 5.530 pixels, and was later scaled up to 40.725 by 17.400 pixels to be printed at 135.75” by 58” inches. The render took 1.509 minutes and 23 seconds (just over 24 hours) to render various passes (Beauty, Ao, Diffuse albedo, Direct iluminaton, Emission, Specular, Sub surface scattering, Transmission, Zdepth and 27 individual material Ids) which where then used in compositing to create the final image. The project was showcased at the Eugene M. and Christine E. Lynn Library during the Spring 2020 semester.


Eugene M. and Christine E. Lynn Library


Boca Raton, FL


College of Communication and Design


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