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Creating the Culture of Undergraduate Research in Educational Institutions

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Conference Session

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(CE Division) Advances in Undergraduate Research Experiences: High Impact Practice in Chemistry


Several studies have classified undergraduate research experience as the high impact activity. To enhance this activity the educational institutions need to create the culture of undergraduate research by embedding this activity in the curriculum. At Lynn University, which is small liberal education institution in South Florida, we have achieved this goal by introducing undergraduate research in the undergraduate science laboratories. The outcome of this initiative has exponentially increased the research output of the students and the faculty, and has significantly improved the success of students in admissions to graduate schools and in job placement. It has also contributed to the retention and timely graduation of students. Moreover, it has improved the overall educational experience of students. Several examples of this initiative from an undergraduate level organic chemistry laboratory will be highlighted in this presentation.


Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition (CCCE)


Winnipeg, MB


College of Arts and Sciences

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