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The Efficacy of Change Management: Examining Deloitte’s Five-step Framework for Activating Culture Change in the Workplace as a Catalyst for Sustained Results

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Conference Session

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Organizations struggle to effectively change corporate culture. With the advancement of organic organizational structures as preferred work environments, this study proposes to minimize top-down leadership initiatives in an organization, in favor of the “whole.” The research utilizes Deloitte’s five-step framework to address various components of the organization participating in culture change and systems improvement. Through the application of Holacracy and systems-thinking, managers can strategize sustainable organizational culture. This research hypothesizes that evolving systematic processes may result in effective internal organizational culture change that endures. This contrasts with an organization’s recommitment to previously established organizational values and principles. Inclusive work environments founded on autonomy, courage, shared vision, openness of expression, and diverse experiences, result in effective culture activation that enables corporate strategy. The study proposes to apply the culture-activating framework to the retail and technological industry being impacted by AI (Artificial Intelligence). This research adds to the body of work that investigates the tenets of effective organizational culture for improved organizational strategy.


Knowledge, Culture, and Change in Organizations Conference


Chicago, IL


College of Business and Management

Streaming Media


Virtual Presentation for the 20th International Conference on Knowledge, Culture, and Change in Organizations

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