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What Students Learn: Using Mock Trials to Teach Criminal Justice

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Conference Session

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Criminal Justice tends towards black & white concepts with limited opportunity to present shades of gray. Presenting the realities of alleging crimes and realizing the obligations of proof through mock trial exercises shows students practical aspects of proving & defending offenses, difficulties of live testimony and witness actions, and the subjective nature of crimes and defenses. This roundtable discussion will discuss criminal justice instructors' experiences in taking “cases to trial” with students who realize the clarity they see in the classroom is not supported in the trial environment.


Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS) Annual Meeting


Baltimore, MD


College of Arts and Sciences


What Students Learn: Using Mock Trials to Teach Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice Education/Community Colleges
Roundtable 9:30 to 10:45 am
Third Floor: Grand Ballroom IV


  • Paul R. Gormley, Lynn University


  • Mecheline Farhat, Bergen Community College
  • Paul R. Gormley, Lynn University
  • Stephen Greer, Castletownbere Law
  • Lynnell Talbert, Grand Rapids Community College

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