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Conference Session

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Fall 11-2018


The purpose of this qualitative research is to solve the diversity and talent paradox in higher education. The research study focuses on the significance of employees with H1B visa in higher education to design global educational experience for students. Higher education is continually evolving and the United States is a melting pot for international students from across the globe, with around 350,472 students entering the United States on an F1 visa in 2017. Institutions put efforts into diversity, however research shows that there is still a gap to bridge. H1B visa employees come in with a wealth of cultural experience, inter disciplinary education, and dedication.

Diversity can be valuable in many folds in higher education; (1) mentoring, (2) global perspective from faculty and staff while designing courses, (3) fostering innovation and social impact, (4) preparing for the real world, and (5) student retention.

The research is based on in-depth investigations of deans, faculty members, and students in a small private institution; data will be collected using various methods such as observations and interviews.


Lynn University


Academy of Business Research Conference


Boca Raton, FL


College of Business and Management


Presentation given at the Fall 2018 Academy of Business Research Conference, Boca Raton, FL.

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Solving the Diversity and Talent Paradox in the Melting Pot of the Higher Education (PowerPoint)



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