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Fall 11-2018


With the exponential growth of educational technologies being used in classroom teaching and interaction, the student-teacher interaction rate seems to be dwindling. There could be a variety of reasons for the decline in interaction; however technology seems to play a pivotal role as everything is technology oriented.

The purpose of this research is to focus on (1) how educators should redefine the concept of providing feedback to students using new innovative technologies, and (2) how education technology could be utilized to increase interaction and provide unique individualized feedback, and not only focusing on content delivery.

This research will examine how student-teacher interaction as a variable is dependent on the variable of teacher’s utilization of technology. The different forms of technologies used in interaction and communication is seeing a major shift, taking advantage of this development educators (1) would increase class room collaboration, as well as (2) building strong student-teacher interaction.


Academy of Business Research


Boca Raton, Florida


College of Business and Management


Presentation given at the Fall 2018 Academy of Business Research Conference, Boca Raton, FL.

This presentation won Best Paper Award.

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Key to Classroom Success: A Qualitative Study on the Advantages of Leveraging the Use of Technology to Stimulate Student-Teacher Interaction (PowerPoint)