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Podcasts are audio-based shows distributed through the internet via apps and websites. Podcasts are typically thematic in nature, and several podcasts that regularly include science content have appeared over the last decade. These podcasts include Radiolab, Stuff You Should Know, Freakanomics Radio and StarTalk. As most podcasts consist of interviews or conversations between two or more scientists and reporters, they highlight the dynamic nature of science as multiple opinions on the same study or idea are presented. Such podcasts can be utilized by instructors to supplement lectures, assignments, and other activities in order to facilitate student learning in science courses. One method of integrating podcasts into science courses is by using podcast discussions. In these “podcast discussions” students are assigned to listen to a specific episode of a podcast outside of class, which is then discussed in class. Methods of podcast retrieval and facilitating a guided discussion about podcasts are explained, examples of guided podcast course materials are given, and descriptions of popular science podcasts provided.


Ocean Sciences Meeting


Portland, OR


College of Arts and Sciences


Poster presented at the Ocean Sciences Meeting, Portland, OR.



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