The Citizenship Project: Commitment to Community

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Conference Session

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Participants will learn about the design and implementation of a first‐year, common experience promoting active citizenship.

The Citizenship Project: Commitment to Community is part of the first‐year experience at Lynn University and incorporates high‐impact educational practices to provide students with an integrated learning environment centered on citizenship. As part of the Dialogues of Learning core curriculum, first‐year students take a course in the January Term that focuses on a civic issue, problem or topic, and provides students the opportunity to engage in experiential learning opportunities and community service work with local, community‐based partners. Within this framework, The Citizenship Project promotes further integration between first‐year students’ academic and co‐curricular learning. Participants will discuss strategies for incorporating civic learning in the curriculum and how such programs may be assessed.


American Association of Colleges and Universities (AAC&U)


AAC&U Network for Academic Renewal Conference: Student Success and The Quality Agenda


Miami, FL


College of Arts and Sciences


Anna L. Krift, Associate Professor of International Relations and Director, The Citizenship Project; Joseph Hall, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice; Andres Auger, Undergraduate Student; Philip Allison, Undergraduate Student; and Bel Castillo‐Zelaya, Undergraduate Student—all of Lynn University

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