The Effectiveness of Family Behavior Therapy for Adolescent Behavioral and Substance Misuse Complications: A Meta-Analysis

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A number of systematic and meta-analytic reviews have suggested that family behavior therapy may be effective in decreasing adolescent behavioral and substance misuse. For this study, a systematic review of 10 published articles will be used to compare family behavior therapy (FBT) and another condition of treatment for adolescents with behavior problems and substance misuse. This meta-analysis summarizes FBT to control groups (CTL), treatment as usual (TAU), or alternative treatments (ATL) during the treatment process of adolescent with behavior and substance abuse disorders. Data from studies of untreated control groups, treatments as usual, and alternating treatments will be analyzed separately. The results will be displayed on a flow chart. The aim of this study is to provide a comprehensive meta-analysis of the effectiveness of FBT for adolescent with behavioral problems and substance misuses. The results we will find in this study will show and support the effectiveness of family behavior therapy compared to CTL, TAU, ATL.


Applied Behavior Analysis International (ABAI) Substance Use and Addiction Conference


Washington, DC


College of Arts and Sciences

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