Special Needs Advisory Coalition Panel

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The Palm Beach County Special Needs Advisory Coalition - SNAC - Virtual meeting held via Zoom on Tuesday, May 16th from 2-4 pm will focus on the topic of Professional Development, both for new and seasoned employees.

Panel of speakers: Ryan Aldrich, M.S., CESP™, Principal Consultant, Mission 501 Consulting, LLC; Jennifer J. Lesh, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Exceptional Student Education Masters Program Coordinator, Lynn University; Dena Slanda, Ph.D., CEC (Florida Council for Exceptional Children (FCEC)) President; Kerri Morse, Ed.D., Morse Consulting Group, FL APSE (Association for People Supporting Employment First) President; Denise R. Barnes, MA, Center for Autism & Related Disabilities Consultant / Florida Center for Inclusive Communities - FCIC Employment Coordinator, University of South Florida, FL APSE (Association for People Supporting Employment First) Board Member


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