The Future of Florida Forensics

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Conference Session

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In the post-pandemic environment, Florida colleges and universities are beginning to partially transition back from the online forensics competitions that were necessary over the last two years. This roundtable discussion will explore best practices with regard to synchronous, asynchronous and in-person competition with consideration of emerging challenges of university budgeting, growing travel expenses and challenges, accessibility and inclusivity for students, and institutional priorities. Specifically, questions such as whether some form of online competition is here to stay, whether some forensic events cater more to in-person competition and how we can return to those in-person competitions in a safe, effective manner will be discussed. Additionally, different competitive options for students will be evaluated including the traditional NFA/AFA forensics events and various formats of competitive debate including Parliamentary, Lincoln Douglas and Civic Debates. Finally, Florida offers a wealth of college and university forensics and debate programs led by experienced professional educators and administrators. This conversation will explore coordination of Florida-based events which can offer high quality affordable and accessible experiences for our students by leveraging our resources and location to bring us together for local competitions and attract national and international competition to Florida.


Hilton St. Petersburg Bayfront


Southern States Communication Association (SSCA) Convention


St. Petersburg, FL


College of Arts and Sciences

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