Going Above and Beyond: Developing Anti-Oppressive Strategies in Counselor Education Programs

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Conference Session

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The field of counseling, which emphasizes anti-racist values, would seem to be an affirming, safe place due to progressive multicultural and social justice competencies. Sadly, these aspirations only materialize partially in training programs. In counselor education, critical gaps and oversights still exist even with the emphasis on cultural responsiveness. For example, many students from historically marginalized groups report experiences of discrimination and unfair biases when navigating their programs. This session will create a space to share common lived experiences felt by students and faculty to start the process of dismantling oppressive environments on multiple levels. From day-to-day experiences to systemic practices such as promotion/tenure processes, the presenters will share extensive literature and lived experiences. Participants will have a chance to share thoughts and identify areas for them to take the initiative to dismantle oppressive practices in counseling.


Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (ACES) Conference


Denver, CO


College of Arts and Sciences

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