Design Thinking with AI for Online Instruction

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This Asynchronous Discovery Session is geared toward fostering collaboration and reflection among faculty using AI-powered tools. Cultivating a culture of sharing best practices, insights, and reflections on AI-generated data and feedback should encourage faculty to engage in reflective practice and use AI-generated insights to improve their teaching strategies.

Extended Abstract

Encouraging collaborative learning and reflection among faculty using AI-powered tools can have a significant impact on the quality of teaching and learning in educational institutions. AI-powered tools can provide valuable insights and data that can help faculty members make informed decisions about their teaching practices and strategies.

Several ways that AI-powered tools can be utilized to encourage collaborative learning reflection among faculty include facilitating online discussions, proving personalized feedback, analyzing data, and creating virtual communities to connect and share resources.

To promote a culture of sharing best practices, ideas and reflections on AI data and feedback, institutions can encourage teachers to participate in regular professional development sessions and workshops. These sessions can focus on using AI-powered tools and technologies to enhance teaching and learning outcomes, and on how to analyze and interpret AI-generated data.

Faculty members can also be encouraged to engage in reflective practice, which involves critically examining their own teaching practices and strategies to identify areas for improvement. By using AI-generated insights to inform their reflective practice, faculty members can gain a better understanding of their students' learning needs and tailor their teaching strategies accordingly.

One example to be included: participants engage in a design-thinking workshop where they collaborate in teams to brainstorm and prototype innovative ideas for using AI in online instruction. Utilizing design-thinking principles, challenges and opportunities in online blended learning can be identified to ideate creative solutions that leverage AI. Teams then present their prototypes and take part in discussions on the potential impact of their solutions. Throughout this session we will share how we have adapted to AI and take the opportunity to have an open discussion with the attendees.


Online Learning Consortium (OLC) Accelerate Virtual Conference


College of Business and Management


This presentation was recognized as outstanding, and their session was awarded the "Best-in-Track" designation in the Technology and Future Trends track.


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Session Type: Discovery Session Asynchronous
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