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Brief Abstract

The virtual lightning session will concentrate on proven strategies to empower and motivate adjunct faculty which may lead to enhancing their overall effectiveness and improved student outcomes. Challenges faced by academic administrators in higher education will also be addressed. Attendee engagement is encouraged by way of interactive slides.

Extended Abstract

This topic is relevant and important to the higher education community as adjunct faculty increasingly play a significant role in the delivery of academic programs at many colleges and universities. They often teach a large percentage of courses and provide valuable expertise and diverse perspectives to students as many are industry professionals sharing their experiences with students. However, adjunct faculty may not be receiving the same level of support and resources as full-time faculty, which can impact their job satisfaction, professional development, and ultimately, the quality of education provided to students. By recognizing the importance of effective mentorship and robust engagement for adjunct faculty, academic administrators and support staff can help to ensure that these valuable members of the academic community receive the reinforcement and resources they need to succeed and thrive in their roles.

The session aims to achieve the following learning objectives:

  • Highlighting effective tools and techniques that support adjunct faculty in the current higher education landscape.
  • Exploring best practices and strategies to enhance job satisfaction for adjunct faculty.
  • Acknowledging the important leadership role of Academic Administrators and recognizing the value of effective mentorship.

Additionally, challenges that academic administrators face in supporting adjunct faculty will also be highlighted. Areas of focus will include limited resources, communication barriers, institutional culture, and teaching workload with possible solutions to promote inclusion. Academic administrators can empower adjunct faculty by providing them with clear expectations and guidelines, as well as opportunities for feedback and evaluation. In turn, this may help adjunct faculty feel more connected to the university and to their students, which can lead to greater job satisfaction, better student outcomes and accelerated job performance. This can be achieved through various means such as training, mentorship, or the implementation of new technologies or processes.

Overall, attendees will learn about the benefits of effective mentorship for adjunct faculty members in higher education, as well as strategies for providing support and resources. The presenter will share a personally developed toolkit that that has already received feedback from adjunct faculty of its caring attention and motivation. Attendees will also gain an understanding of the challenges faced by adjunct faculty and how continued support can help to address these challenges. Additionally, they will be equipped with practical tools and insights for developing and implementing effective streamlined support programs. Attendees will also have the opportunity to engage in virtual asynchronous discussions and activities with other conference participants, building connections and sharing ideas for improving the quality of education.

Technology to facilitate audience participation, such as live polling or interactive slides with software such as Mentimeter or Padlet will be utilized with interactive elements that will incorporate hands-on activities and asynchronous Q&A sessions. Attendees will be encouraged to share their own experiences and insights related to the topic which may provide opportunities for networking and building connections with other conference participants.

To conclude, by combining the presentation and hands-on activities, participants will be equipped with innovative tools and strategies to be effective leaders to support and mentor adjunct faculty members at any college or university.


Online Learning Consortium (OLC) Accelerate Virtual Conference


College of Business and Management


The session was recognized with a "Best-in-Track" award by her colleagues, highlighting the quality and impact of her work on empowering adjunct faculty.


Session Start: 12:30 PM
Session Duration: 15min
Intended audience: Administrators, Design Thinkers, Faculty, Instructional Support, Researchers
Track: Leadership and Institutional Strategy
Audience Level: Novice
Special Session: Leadership
Session Type: Lightning Session
Location: Zoom Room 3



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