Student Forum Panel

Candace Sneed, Liberty University
Jon Sperry, Lynn University
Marina Bluvshtein (0000-0003-4434-2013), Adler University
Shaija Camp, Western Kentucky University
Noah Willis
Adam Wink
Emilee Payne
Sibo Zhao, Central University of Finance and Economics
Megan Ramsey, Lynn University
Noah Thorne, Adler University
Jessica Rea Prado, Pradoic LLC


The panel will discuss the crucial role that students play in NASAP and answer questions from the audience about student-related issues. Students will share how they have contributed to NASAP and/or Adlerian theory through research, affiliate group involvement, or other activities. The Student Task Force initiatives and activities will also be discussed.


1. Describe ways that students can get involved in NASAP
2. Discuss the key issues students are facing and how NASAP can support students
3. Summarize the Student Task Force activities and plans for improving belonging and contribution of students in NASAP.