The Birth of Israel: The Behind-the-Scenes Story of Statehood in 1948

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The long-awaited moment arrived in 1948. Yet, there was considerable opposition to statehood abroad and the new fledgling state would need not only political credibility around the world, but support from the US, international trading partners, investment, a military, and more. This talk, based on extensive interviews with former aides to Truman and archival research, explores the important and productive relationship between Harry Truman and leaders such as Dr. Chaim Weizmann, Abba Eban, and David Ben-Gurion, with emphasis given to both the political and diplomatic deal-making that occurred behind the scenes and the moral courage demonstrated during that critical decision.


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Robert Watson, distinguished professor of American history, lectured for a national audience with Curiosity Stream and One Day University where he discussed statehood for Israel on the 25th anniversary of the Oslo Peace Accords.